Your World, My Lens.

Leaning towards the candid and in between moments to truly capture the real you.

About Me

Hi, I am George Padilla. I was born in Los Angeles California and currently located in Portland Oregon and have traveled across the US to capture some amazing images. I have been chasing my dream since 2015 and have met so many people along my journey!

Apart from photography I am an educator in special education for the primary level grades. I have three lovely dogs (Chloe, Fred, and Apple) and a beautiful wife!


I first picked up a camera by accident in 2014. I was assisting at a wedding and picked up a camera for fun. During that wedding I immediately fell in love with the art! Since then my art has grown over time and have developed and eye for unique and beautiful compositions.


During the course of my career, videography has played a huge role. Originally intended to capture behind the scenes footage and add highlights to clients weddings here and there. Videography became a bigger part and in 2021 I officially went all in on video. Capturing motion pictures truly brings a bigger emotional impact and the ability to relive the moments in a different way.

New Wave Studio

Not only am I a wedding and portrait elopement photographer and videographer but I am the owner of New Wave Studio. The studio serves to create content for my clients in studio and in a controlled environment. New Wave Studio also serves as a rental studio for other creatives alike to create their work for their clients. You can find out more about the studio HERE

Are you ready to create an unforgettable experience?